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The track seems very short – why is that?

Numerous factors were integrated into how much of the available West Drive we used for track. Primary reason was safety in that we wanted to achieve and gain licence for a manageable length of good quality track in this our first year. The estate has significant ambition and indeed scope to develop and expand in future if the event is well supported.

A Significant number of bales are required to provide adequate protection for the vehicles and drivers – these have been purchased already.

In previous years when a “car show” has been held the track has had to be closed several times and proceedings disrupted to allow entrants to leave the site early, despite everyone being told that they would not be able to leave before the end of the show. This resulted in several unsavoury disputes between marshalls, stewards and organisers amid what is supposed to be a fun event. By moving the start line to the bottom of the exhibitors field this problem is significantly reduced if not eliminated.

Is the event a commercial venture or for charity?

There are two aspects of the event. The race and the show. The race has been costed such that it would “wipe it’s face” if we manage to get between 60 – 80 entrants.

The race is intended to be the main spectacle for the “show” aspects which will comprise invited car clubs and various attractions including a junior highland games area, trade stalls and catering stalls. Proceeds from the show will be going to significant charitable organisations including Children 1st, the Rotary Club of Aboyne and Upper Deeside and last but not by any means least Sir Jackie Stewart’s Race Against Dementia.

In previous events there was a lot of comments regards the quality of the track – it was very bumpy for instance. Has the track been resurfaced since?


These comments were most prevalent after the first Speed Fest took place in 2016 / 17 and yes it was recognised that the track needed to be improved.

The track was resurfaced a few weeks before the second speed fest, this resulted in a very smooth track but was still slippery due to being so fresh.

It should be noted that very recently a local Hill Climb competitor has stated on Facebook that he went to see how it was now and that it looks great.

Quality of the available driveway elsewhere for single seaters, that may have been incorporated into the track making it longer would also require further investment. This again would be considered in future years.

Keep checking this page for more of your FAQ's as  this will be updated regularly.

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